IEEE PES YP Ignition Funding


  1. To encourage all IEEE PES YP groups to plan and execute initiatives to utilize the benefits of IEEE PES YP membership. These may include organizing enriching events and projects focused on membership development and retention.
  2. To shed light on the benefits of IEEE PES YP membership and provide volunteering opportunities for PES YPs.
  3. To support local PES YP groups to implement objectives of IEEE PES YP globally and establishing the presence of IEEE PES YP across all regions as an outreach mission.
  4. To analyses the potential of PES YP members to support and nurture them to be future global leaders

Total Fund Amount

6000 USD

 Share this fund equally between our 4 Regions:

Latin America Region- 1500 USD, USA-Canada Region- 1500 USD ,  Asia-Pacific Region-1500 USD , Europe, Middle East, Africa Region -1500 USD

General Guidelines

  • All active IEEE PES section chapter YP groups can apply for the IEEE PES YP Ignition project /event funding call
  • Maximum funding amount 500 USD for one OU (only one time for one OU per year) Reimbursement scheme.
  • Any IEEE PES professional chapter can submit a funding request provided that the event or project is of interest to PES Young Professionals, or has  Young Professionals as the target audience
  • No funding is provided for traveling purposes and volunteer salary (travel expenses, accommodation, Visa application, etc.).
  • PES YP Coordinator or IEEE PES Senior member (As primary applicant) of the IEEE PES Professional chapter organizing the event or project submits a funding request at least 4 weeks before the event is scheduled to take place. Please make sure you submit all necessary materials! Funding requests submitted less than 4 weeks prior to the event will not be reviewed, and funding will not be granted under any circumstance!
  • Funding is issued only after the event or project takes place and the required follow-up materials are received as per the format. Initial approval does not necessarily mean that you will get the funds requested
  • The funding committee reserves the right to verify documentation to prove the costs of events before approving for funding.
  • In order to benefit from PES YP funding, the group applying for funding must use the correct IEEE PES Young Professionals branding. Checks will be conducted on each group applying and their online presence to ensure they use the correct PES YP logo, correct terminology, and abide by other branding rules as described in the branding document.
  • An endorsement letter from the Chapter chair is necessary for application
  • Incomplete application will be rejected without further intimation
  • As per the current pandemic situation, IEEE PES YP encourages maximum events or projects in virtual mode.
  • The event or project should strictly follow the COVID 19 protocol of the country or state of residence
  • If the project or event is funded or applied for other funding specify the details of the agency while application procedure.
  • The maximum time allotted to complete the event or project is 4 months. After completing the event or project the team should complete the report within 4 weeks.

Additional Guideline for Events

  • Event must focus on training, mentoring, hackathon, etc on
  1. Green Technology development and promotion
  2. PES YP membership development and professional development,
  3. Industry institution connection and career development
  4. Research induction and Entrepreneurship development session.
  • Detailed event plan with organizing committee members’ experience should be included in the proposal
  • The proposal should have details of IEEE PES YP committee members invited as speakers, panelists for the event.
  • The recording of the event should be submitted along with the final report.
  • The proposal should effectively convey the target audience and a detailed plan to ensure their participation.
  • IEEE PES YP encourages to have the publicity materials of the event while proposal submission.
  • If the event is sequential, the applicant should submit a detailed report of the event with video.

Additional Guideline for Projects

  • The project should be the implementation of innovative technology for underserved communities.
  • The project proposal should have detailed objectives, alignment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, detailed explanation of the technology used, target community, Output, outcome.
  • IEEE PES YP encourages teams to upload detailed budgets with budget justification, Survey reports conveying needs, Social return on investment to measure the outcome of the project, and video presentation of technology and experiences and expertise of the team.
  • If the project is funded by IEEE PES YP, we will assign a mentor for the project to execute in an excellent way.
  • The selected project team should submit bi-monthly reports up to the completion date with photos and descriptions for social media communications.


Objective Poster – Mar 12, 2022

Guideline Launch – March 19, 2022

Portal Launch / Application starts – Apr 01, 2022

Last date for submission – May 21, 2022

Evaluation and result announcement – Announcement Soon.

Event dates- May 26, 2022 to Sep 26, 2022- 4 Month

Report submission last date – Oct 31, 2022

Report Evaluation and Fund granting- November & December, 2022